Ashtjivak Knee Pain Relief Oil and Lep – As seen on TV

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Key Features

  • Helps in relieving joint pain
  • Helps in treating muscular pain & knee pain
  • Treats weak & thinning bones
  • Relief from swelling and inflammation in knee joints
  • Made out of ayurvedic herbs

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Knee Pain Relief Oil and Lep - Description

Tried, Tested & Proven Treatment with Ashtjivak oil & lep
Ayurveda has proved to be one of the oldest form of medicine and still it is used around the world. We suggest you to treat the root cause of the problem, rather than treating the symptom. With the use of this knee pain relief oil you can treat your knee ache from sprain and strain & knee pain due to tearing of knee cartilage. Cure your hurting bones because of rubbing against each other, pain due to overuse of knee joints. Even treat pressure on knee joints due to being over-weight, pain due to old injuries or fracture, swelling and inflammation in knee joints and pain due to weak knee and thinning bones.

100% Guaranteed Results- Safe to Use
This Ashtjivak oil and lep is an amazing knee pain relief formula. It is made out of various natural ingredients and so, is completely safe for anyone to use. With the application of this oil and paste, it will begin repairing the joints and improve blood circulation. With the increase in the flow of blood, it benefits in quick relief from pain and discomfort in joints.


Knee Pain Relief Oil and Lep - Specifications

Effective Home Remedies for Knee Ache due to sprain or strain
Knee Pain due to tearing of knee cartilage
Hurting due to knee bones rubbing against each other
Pain due to overuse of knee joints
Pain due to old injuries or fractures
Pressure on knee joints due to being over-weight
Pain due to weak knee bones & thinning bones
Swelling and Inflammation in knee joints
Warranty 1 Month Warranty
Disclaimer Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and informative purposes. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.


How to Use

1. Before going to bed, take one spoon of Ashtjivak powder in a bowl.
2. Make lep by adding some water to make it into a paste like consistency.
3. Apply the lep on your knees and let it dry for a few minutes.
4. After the lep dries, take the bandage and wrap it over the knee.
5. Leave it on while you sleep. The lep will work on your knees throughout the night.
6. In the morning, remove the bandage and wash your knees, preferably with warm water.
7. Wipe the knee dry and massage it lightly with Ashtajivak Oil for 5 minutes. The oil will penetrate deep into the knees, relieving the pain.


Package Contents of Ashtjivak Knee Pain Relief Oil and Lep

2 x 200gm Ashtjivak Powder Bottle
2 x 100ml Ashtjivak Oil Bottle
1 x Bandage


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