Kamifly Life Planner & Habit Tracker

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Key Features


  • UNIQUE ACTION PLAN & CONTENT: Kamifly planner is designed in such a way that it will highlight only the important aspects. it’s not just a Random Planner, it’s an overall experience of the maker’s life where Information is not dumped, but it is placed in such a unique manner that you will see it fulfilling just in some weeks.
  • CONVERT THOSE DREAMS INTO ACTION PLANS – Most of the time we dream of something but don’t understand how to achieve it or how to start it or take it to the destination. This planner will help you to convert it into Action plans and from there you can measure it easily, how far or near you are from your goal. It includes Goal setting, create mission, Generate Habits, Making Vision Board, Control Finance, Set priorities, Plan Week and Stay organized.
  • COVERED ALL ASPECTS OF SUCCESS – Dream and success is not stick to any one field. Not only financial but success should be landed on all pillars, then only a strong foundation can be stood on it. In this Planner we had covered all that pillars which is an important part of the human life and without it success can’t be defined.
  • HABIT TRACKER – Kamifly Planner Includes Habit Tracker to track your daily and weekly habits as habits are the routines you develop through constant practice and habits make up the progress of gaining success in whatever you do.
  • LUXURIOUS AND BEST GIFTING IDEA – This Kamifly Success Planner is the most attractive, Colourful & Life-Changing best gift you can give it to anyone, it consists of Road-map of the future, it will show the path and way to fulfill the dreams. If it is followed consistently then miracles will happen in that person’s life


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We are confident that this planner has the power to change your life. Why Kamifly Planner? We all set goals and resolutions at the beginning of every year. We list them all down with the best intentions and feel pretty excited to work towards them. Then at the start when our spirits were high we follow it and then slowly with time, we forgets it... When in between if we remember it and feel guilty at times but move on. This is not just your picture but everyone has the same story. Only some of those who constantly works on it achieves it and they are the few you can count on the fingers. So what did they do differently from us? Yes, every success story has some formula... that successful individuals regularly follows in life, and that learning and formula has been binned in this unique Kamifly planner. It is time to turn those dreams into Action plans. It is going to be a tough journey ahead because big success comes with big and focused efforts, And in this Journey this Kamifly Planner will be your companion, coach and motivator forever.


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